How do I commission a portrait?

Complete the form on the "Contact the Artist" page to submit your name and email in the fields provided. You will be contacted shortly to discuss details. Two to three photos of your pet can then be emailed at that time. Once details are determined, a deposit of 50% of the price is required, to begin the commission. 

20% of proceeds are donated to a local pet fund to assist elder pet owners who struggle to afford food and medical care for their pets.


What types of photos are acceptable?

Most paintings have been created from photos taken with a phone. Printed photographs are also acceptable. As long as there is enough detail, there is enough to paint.

What size should I go with?

Where the painting will be hanging frequently dictates the sizing. Larger paintings (like 16" x 20" or even larger) are recommended for hanging above fireplaces, while the smaller 12" x 16" paintings are for accent areas.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the painting's size.

12 x 16 inch or 14 x 18 inch portraits are $300.00;  16 x 18 inch portraits are $350.00;  20 x 24 inch portraits are $425.00. 

Please contact Ingrid if you prefer a custom size. A deposit of 50% of the price is required, to begin the commission. 

Are the paintings framed?

Prices do not include a frame, but paintings can be framed for an additional cost.

How long does a custom painting take to complete?

Paintings usually take 1 month to complete.

How do I recieve my finished painting?

Clients in the Newburyport area can arrange to pickup their finished paintings at the studio. Shipping is an additional cost.